Skin Toner Normal to Dry Skin


The toner made for dry, inflamed skin. This purifying toner removes residue and makeup while it balances skin and soothes irritation. Unlike most toners on the market, this toner does not contain alcohols that can dry out and irritate skin. Pores shrink, skin feels smoother, and redness fades away with each daily use. When paired with the Milk Cleanser, skin feels soft, silky, and smooth.

Calms irritated skin and heal inflammation.

Maintains skin's precious balance to promote a smoother, softer feel.

Astringes pores and lifts away dirt and impurities.

Chamomile Extract: Derived from the pleasant smelling chamomile flower, this extract soothes skin and heals inflammation or irritation caused by damage to the skin. In this toner, chamomile helps to balance skin that needs therapeutic attention._

After removing makeup or using your normal cleanser, soak a cotton ball or cotton pad with the toner. Gently sweep the cotton along your skin (while avoiding the eye area).

Milk Cleanser – To treat your dry and chapped skin, first wash your face with a cleanser that will balance and soo milk-cleanser the. Chamomile and musk rose oil alleviate irritation while silky elements smooth and hydrate. When paired with the skin toner, skin feels softer, fresher, and perfectly balanced.

Refining Moisture Cream – When you’re done cleansing and toning skin, this moisture cream is the next step to get perfectly balanced and refreshed skin. Conditioning qualities shrink pores and illuminate the complexion to reveal a brighter, more beautiful you.

Collagen, Beta-Carotene, & Seaweed Mask – Skin needs a weekly treatment just as much as it needs daily care. Rich and fluffy like cloud 9, this mask softens, hydrates, and re-tones skin to maintain a smooth and balanced complexion.



AGE SMART Collagen, Beta-Carotene, and Seaweed Mask Normal to Dry Skin

One relaxing treatment made special for dull, dry skin. Beta-carotene and enriching seaweed penetrate deep to revitalize skin while the synthesis of collagen firms and lifts skin. This white and fluffy formula nourishes, replenishes, and firms skin for a satisfying finish that will lift your skin and your spirits.


SUPREME Cleansing Cream

For dull, tired looking skin. This light, gentle, and cleansing cream helps to remove impurities that make skin appear drab and lifeless. Perfect to use in the evening, this cream also nourishes, softens, and balances skin for a transformation that seems to take place overnight.



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