SUPREME Cleansing Cream


For dull, tired looking skin. This light, gentle, and cleansing cream helps to remove impurities that make skin appear drab and lifeless. Perfect to use in the evening, this cream also nourishes, softens, and balances skin for a transformation that seems to take place overnight.

-Gently cleanses skin and removes makeup to brighten the complexion.

-Leave skin soft and brighter looking.

-Gentle enough to remove eye makeup.

Chamomile Extract: We use this botanical extract to help heal and soothe irritated, dry, and flaky skin. As a calming agent, it helps to calm any signs of redness or irritation.

Stem Cells: Botanically derived skin cells help to renew and repair dull and damages tissue. When used for dull and tired skin, stem cells help to promote new tissue growth. Skin starts to look fresh and new.

Sweet Almond Oil: Concentrated with Vitamin E, sweet almond oil nourishes skin to promote a clear, smooth, and young-looking complexion. It leaves skin soft & supple each and every time.

Massage the cleanser over dry or slightly damp skin. Use circular motions to spread the cleanser along the face. Once you’re done, rinse the cream away or gently sweep it away with a tissue.

Perfecting Peeling Gel
An unbelievable deep clean is available in this simple peeling gel. When you use this twice a week, you’ll be able to lift away excess sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities. Skin will look brighter, pores will look smaller, and you’ll notice that skin will feel considerably better.

Exfoliating Emulsion
This is the perfect weekly treatment for sensitive skin that needs a little extra attention. This soapless cleanser purifies skin, lifts away excess sebum, and it restores skin’s natural balance. Use it up to once or twice a week to improve skin’s texture and balance.

Perfecting Moisture Cream
The final touch to keep skin pristine. This cream nourishes, hydrates, and improves skin texture with one easy application. Skin is at harmony and you’ll have the peace of mind that skin is as it should be. Apply this after you’ve completed the peeling treatment to condition skin and keep it balanced.



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